Spanking And Caning

Spanking Cams – Punishment on Webcam

Two of the most effective and popular ways a dominant woman can punish or torture her way ward male slaves is either with a spanking or a caning. In terms of effectiveness in respect for getting you brought down a peg or two and making sure you stay in line at all times, either one is a perfect choice for her to use.

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There are dozens of superior females on any live bdsm cams site and each one is more than prepared to give you a sound spanking or a severe caning if they feel you deserve it and on occasion, even if you do not!
spaning webcam chats, caning chat, bdsm camsAll of the Dommes online are highly experienced in the art of bdsm and are perfectly equipped to give your ass a paddling with their hand or hair brush or of having you bend over the table or settee arm and then taking a cane to your back side till it is covered in huge red welts. These are strict Mistress cam hosts and they are heart less, severe and pitiless to the plights of snivelling little inferior male slaves like you/ Step out of line with THESE mean bitches and you are in a whole heap of trouble.
Spanking shows can either be her describing how she would spank you and showing you by using a pillow or by her making you spank your self via her commands. Either way can be just as effective and a powerful turn on as the real thing (maybe even more so) due to the expert professionalism and experience by these live femdom cam hosts.

Sissy spanked ass
For the first, they like to have you sit on your hands as they tell you how they would make you wait outside the door for them with your nose in the corner. Then they would shout you in and make you stand in front of them and remove your trousers and under wear before they told you why you were to receive an over the knee spanking. Then they would tell you all about how they would make you lay across your lap and grab your arm and twist it up your back before raining blows on your bare back side with their hands, all the while yelling at you to stay still.

With your legs kicking and struggling to break free, they will simply grip your wrist tighter and spank you harder. They will give you a perfect close up of the hand that will be blistering your ass. If you like visuals, they can lay a pillow across their lap and show you how they would spank you while you stroke your cock and imagine being there for a live OTK spanking cam session.
Or maybe she will make you spank your self?

Making you turn around and bend over so your ass in in front of her cam, she will have you raise your hand then bring it down HARD on your bare cheeks. Again and again she will make you slap your arse till it is glowing a nice shade of red and stinging. Yet still she will make you keep going till you are squirming and yelping like a little sissy and tears are forming in your eyes. These dommes are heartless and severe so they will not stop even there. They will make you keep going till you are a broken, sobbing mess on the floor with a bright red ass that is stinging like nothing you have ever experienced.

Tease And Denial if you get excited we punish
For caning sessions, they are similar to spank sessions. The dominatrix will show you here collection of canes and of all the various thicknesses and lengths. Even the sight of them will have you winching as you imagine them bearing down on your exposed and vulnerable ass cheeks. Mistresses online love to tell you in great detail all about how they use these canes on howling slaves and of the big marks that appear on their asses.

They can demonstrate to you by showing you how they do it. Raising the cane above their head and then bringing it down hard with that unique swooshing noise and you will shudder when you hear the thud it makes and imagine how it would feel on your naked skin. Again and again with blow after blow, you will be left in no doubt that to be under the cane of one of these superior females is an extremely painful place to be.

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There are an almost end less amount of online Mistresses who can give you a spanking and caning session that will stay with you for days to come. They have vivid imaginations and the ability to describe things to you in such meticulous detail you will be able to feel every stroke. So if you are a slave in need of some strict discipline, log on to this female domination webcams site and have one of these Dommes teach you your true place in life.Keep checking our live online rooms and see for yourself at live fetish chat